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From Bullied To Bold

He had to sign his own yearbook...

When Cassandra Cooper saw that practically NOBODY signed her son Brody's yearbook, that was a red flag. Then she saw that Brody wrote a letter to HIMSELF in that same yearbook, hoping for more friends the following year.

So like any concerned mother, Cassandra took matters into her own hands, posting a pic of the nearly empty yearbook onto the school's Facebook page.

That's when the magic happened.

Brody began getting the positive attention that he wasn't getting from other kids at school. From Hollywood actor Paul Rudd to kids across the globe, Brody has made some new friends and with his mother and the help of the school, is becoming influential in how his school faces the problem of kids being bullied at school.

I had the pleasure of meeting Brody and his mother on this latest edition of The Greater Than Good!


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