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¡I'll Be The Moon - en español!

I am beyond happy (over the moon actually) to announce that my new book, "I'll be The Moon," has been translated into a Spanish version!

You can pre-order Seré la luna on paperback wherever books are sold. Release for the book is scheduled for January 9, 2024.

I am hopeful that this version will have a similar impact as its English counterpart - early reviews have been incredible!

Cortez has given voice to a story most of us can not even fathom. His gracious words convey the depth and strength of the human spirit. - Calvin Crosby, co-owner of the King's English Bookstore and Brain Food Books.

I'll Be The Moon: A Child migrant's Story is available for preorder, as well. The October 24, 2023 release date is right around the corner! I am so looking forward to sharing with all of you!


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