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Introducing... I'll Be The Moon

In what has seemed like forever and day since I looked up at a beautiful moon and began writing a simple passage over two years ago, it's finally (almost) here: I'll Be The Moon: A Child Migrant's Story.

Moon will be my seventh published book when it hits shelves in October. And if the #7 is truly a lucky number, then here's another added layer of happy coincidence: The book's publication date lands on what would have been my father's 75th birthday!

I mean, it only makes sense. I was able to draw on so many cool memories of him as a kid in this story, from the stubble I felt against my cheek with every hug he gave me to the smell of his leather boots he used to wear.

My mother, however, is the person that unknowingly helped spark this project. You see, on the day I was gazing up at a beautiful rising moon, an El Paso sun was setting along the banks of the Rio Grande near her home. And down below, my mother was helping my daughter cast a fishing line into the water. Nothing will ever erode that scene from the banks of my memory. Nothing.

That's when I started playing with this notion of the moon as a mother, as a brave light in the darkness. The words came flowing from there. Like a river. I really hope you enjoy this one!

I'll Be The Moon: A Child migrant's Story is available for preorder wherever books are sold and, from what I understand, interest has been growing. This is largely due to the wonderful people at Collective Book Studio, especially Jon Reyes for his editing genius. And for Mafs Rodriguez Alpide's magical illustrations, man, she really hit a home run!

Here's to Lucky 7 and for those who dare to dream. I look forward to sharing this story with you and meeting new and amazing people on this wonderful journey!


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