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Coping With Loss Through Empathy, Understanding & Love

Elementary school principal Adela Lannutti's husband, Dominic, was the 10th COVID fatality in El Paso County in 2020. With very little time to heal and grieve, she had to set aside her monumental personal loss and help others at her campus who also lost loved ones during the pandemic.

Lannutti speaks candidly about that dark time in her life, both personally and professionally, as well as what she has had to do in order to cope through the pain of losing a loved one, understanding the need for more social emotional learning and support for those who have gone through loss and what she has learned about herself through it all in this latest Greater Than episode!


I began corresponding with Adela in 2012, when she asked me to take part in a reading festival. We've been social media buds ever since. But it wasn't until the world changed in 2020 when her carefree and light Facebook posts changed, as she began updating her friends on the status of her husband.

As Adela mentions in the video above, Dominic was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Leukemia, which meant having to go back and forth to the hospital for chemotherapy treatments. It was during this crucial time, with a weakened immune system, when Dominic contracted COVID.

He was diagnosed on April 15 and died 9 days later. Adela, as she described during her emotional interview, could only say goodbye through texts.

I am grateful that she was able to take the time and share her story with me so that I, in turn, can share it with you! We can all learn from Adela, as she continues to stay strong and cope by serving others.


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