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Hustling Hard For His Dream

Let's be clear: Jared Zero is no zero. He's a guy with a dream and is doing everything he can to make that dream a reality. In essence, he's following The Second Rule of Happiness from my book The Happy Manifesto: Work Hard For The Dream (Understanding reality from fantasy).

For Jared, he's turning his passion for Boston-area sports into a reality by working at and covering teams like the New England Patriots and (my favorite) the Boston Celtics. He's honing his craft, learning from mentors and even mentoring others (Third Rule). And he's doing it despite going through some rough times in his personal life.

I took notice of Jared through Twitter - you can follow him @journalistjzero - because it was during one of these rough patches he did something hardly any journalist (especially sports journalists) does: he made himself vulnerable by opening up and thanking the people of the Celtics twitter community for supporting him and giving him something to smile about. He talks about this and so much more on this latest installment of The Greater Than Good.


Check out some of Jared's work right here!

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